Christina & Daniel – San Fransisco, City Hall

How romantic is this wedding, honestly if I could get married again it would be at the San Francisco City Hall. The best part was it was my sister from another mr. that got married. Iv known this sweet girl since she was 7 years old and watching her grow to the woman she is today melts my heart and brings a tear to my eye.

Christina met Daniel while visiting Sweden over the summer. When I asked her how they met, this is what she said “On a whim, I went to a 4 day rock festival with my friend Caroline. On the night Aerosmith was playing, I was going to get more beers and I stumbled upon a beautiful man, so we sang Aerosmith songs to each other and that was history! We’ve talked every day since that night, and have been long distance the entire time until he moved here in late December/early January 2017.

Christina and Daniel were married this past February at the San Fransisco City Hall surrounded by their closest friends and family.